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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pumps

I have never seen a disotronic pump, but have just purchased a minimed
507C.  Some things do concern me: for instance:
All the disotronic people brag that the thing is water proof. GREAT! if
you live in the water. I don't. I do swim, shower, but heck; if your
gonna swim, disconect with the soft set quick release and go swimming.
And what is this about a back up pump. Dang, if a company gave me a back
up car; I would be concerned about the quality of the car. As well, I
hear a lot of "when I had to send my defective pump back...I had my
backup". Folks, that kind of talk offers me no comfort at all. Only
thing it assures me of is the number of problems with a disetronic must
be far greater than with a minimed. 24 basil rates...I use 5 and to me
that is enough. The software on the minimed is soooooo easy to
use.....so simple, a child can achieve excellent controle. The minimed
had 85% of the market in America. This in addition that not only do you
have a square wave bolus option, but the dual wave is highly effective
for heavy meat and pizza party meals. As well, the minimed has so many
safety features that I just do not hear the disetronic folks speak of. I
am not dogging the disetronic, but, to me it seems to be (and I have
visited the disetronic web page and done some research) a comparison
between a quality. One more thing about the mini med (and I want to hear
from the disetronic people too), the Minimed has the future ability to
plug into your computer, along with your meter. Although this is not yet
available, when it is just imagine the better control, something we all
should be striving for. I  do not want a war with disetronic advocates,
but, I want to hear some more possitive features besides "its

Thanks for letting me share

Tim T.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/