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Re: [IP] Disetronic

At 08:57 PM 09/08/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>I choose the Disetronic for two reason also. 
>1.  Less chichlet style keys, the MM has four for all functions, the D 
>has only one.
>2.  To stop a D you hold the two main keys until it beeps one long beep, 
>the MM push one key (chichlet syle, did I really push it?) push again go 
>to next menu, (did it get there?) push another key. Whew!! Not what I 
>want to do when I'm in hypo!!!

Anyone who's used either device more than a few times will know exactly how
to suspend it, even if hypo (I certainly can). I don't think this is a
reason, all by itself, to choose one pump over the other. It's all just a
matter of what you're used to. And, whatever you are comfortable with, will
always be best. 

However, just to clarify, I'm not sure what you mean by a "chichlet style"
key. My MM507 has a easy to use, pressure sensitive keypad just like you
find virtually everywhere. I don't find it to be a big deal to press the
"select" pad twice (to get to the suspend mode) and then press the
"activate" pad once (to verify that I want to suspend the pump). The LCD
screen shows me exactly where I am each step of the way, so there's
absolutely no doubt. It also beeps with a special beep once I've suspended
it. And, if it's dark, I push the back-light pad and I can see exactly what
it's doing, even in the darkest room. You can also turn the audio bolus on
if you don't want to look at the LCD screen during a bolus. 

Again, all these things are just a matter of personal taste... so, please,
let's not get into any Pump-Wars. Choose the pump that you feel the most
comfortable with and the one that you get the most support for. There are
good points and bad points for both models and YMWV.


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