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Re: [IP] [Big Bolus absorption

All of this talk about big boluses taking longer to reach
the bloodstream, started me thinking.  Given the activation
time for even Humalog, could the problem a matter of

After 3 hrs, there is 20% of the bolus "unused."  With a
large bolus (8 units) this means that there is 1.7 U unused
after 3 hrs.  For my body, this amounts to a bg of
approximatley 200 (1.7 * 60 pts/U).  With a smaller bolus of
4 U, the unused at this point is only 0.9 U, and a bg of
150.  I would be more quick to react to the bg reading of
200 rather than 150.  

It would be easy to claim that the large dose Humalog is
taking "extra" long, were it is really taking the same
amount of time.  I havn't read the stuff in Bernstein's book
(I think that was referenced), but this simpler explanation
might be worth considering.

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