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Re: [IP] Clip on Pumps

The Minimed has come with an attachable clip for the last 2 or 3 models.  The clip
is nice b/c it is small and not heavy and I often clip the pump to the edge of the
pocket I wear it in (keeps it from sliding around so much).  I also use it for
clipping it to my underwear when changing, etc...  I like it much much much better
than not having one.

While the minimed vs. disetronic debate can get hot and heavy, it's hard to know
if one is really better.  In the past, people have sometimes given misinfo about
the pump they don't have and in some cases it's hard to tell if the supposed
"benefits" are really all that much better.  For instance, there are some
ocassions where a water proof pump might be nice but even, as an adult, wearing a
pump in a swim suit causes drag, ruins my swimsuit (it slides all over), is
uncomfortable, and, since, if I am in the pool, I usually need to suspend the pump
anyway, it doesn't really add any necessary insulin.  I can't imagine why a 8, 9,
10 or 11 year old girl would want her pump attached to her in the water anyway.
As a 15 or 16 year I remember that I about died with happiness and I got to unhook
from a pump for even 1/2 hour (before the quick release existed).  The minimed
will now survive an accidental wetting so if you get tossed in the pool at a
party, the world hasn't come to an end.  The biggest "water" problem I have
encountered is what to do with pump in the hot sun for hours or a whole day at a
place like the beach (with velosulin this seemed like less of a problem).  Neither
pump can address this.

I've heard people say both sets of sales reps are wonderful and, at other times,
are terrible.  Sounds like the PR at both companies is variable and if you hook up
with the right person at the right time, they will help you with everything.  If
you don't, you may run into everything from insurance approval problems to unclear

Sounds like both have some kind of clip even if disetronic's is in the case and
not the pump itself.  Wearing each of them for a few days might help you figure
out which set up is smaller and more comfortable.

Hope that helps a little.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Please clarify this for me -  we are just in the process of putting pir 8 year
> old daughter, Laura, on an insulin pump.  From  from what I understand the
> Disetronic DOES NOT have a clip on the back of the pump and the Minimed DOES
> have a clip.
> I am curious as to why one does and why one doesn't.  Also those that have the
> Minimed, do you find the clip to be helpful or do you usually keep the pump in
> a pocket and the issue becomes a moot point.
> Thanks!   Sherri Lynn
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