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Re: [IP] glucagon

     I know how important it is for everyone to know about the gluco shot.  My
brother had to learn very fast one morning.  I was 12 yrs old and my brother was
13 at the time.  I went into shock and fell in front of the heater.  My mother had
told my brother about the orange juice--which I had all over me when I came out of
it.  Being scared he called my mother at work and she had to walk him through
preparing the shot  I didn't receive the whole shot but was coming out of it as my
mother was walking through the front door.  There was another incident that
happened about a year ago when I was teaching.  My bg went so low I couldn't
respond to anyone.  I tell my students each year what to do in case this happens.
This was a 3rd grade class who didn't hesitate to go for help.  There was a
diabetic student who came over and gave the person helping me a tube and told her
to give it all to me.  In less than ten minutes I was looking at these five
teachers and asking what happened.  This product is called Insta-Glucose.  We
carry it at school and I have a tube in several important places.  I thought I
would tell you about it.  You are right about telling and showing everyone
concerned about the needs of a diabetic.  Keep up the good work

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