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Re: [IP] pregnancy


I just wanted ot say that Nancy had it right on the money about the OB and
endo... one additional thing-  if possible make sure your OB and endo are
familiar with each other and can work together.  It is so much easier if
your endo is willing to fax or call the OB with information and vice versa.
 It helps when they can get information directly from the other.

Also-  make sure that your OB knows about the pump or is at least willing
to let the endo handle your diabetes care.  My first OB actually wanted to
take me off the pump for pregnancy and put me back on shots,  my endo
basically said NO WAY.  My new OB knows the basic workings of the pump and
requests directions from the endo on the best way to utilize it during
pregnancy and delivery.  

Like Nancy has said,  the pump makes pregnancy much easier.  This is my
first pregnancy but I could not imagine how difficult it would be on an MI
regime.  If you have any other questions,  please ask.

Karen Alasin
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/