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[IP] This is truly a blessing!

Hello everyone!

     this is Leisha, and I just wanted to let you all know how good this is
going for us. Jason (my 14 year old son) has the Mini-Med 507C, and life
without the Medi-Jector is simply wonderful. We started on Friday, and I
know this seems too soon to be this happy with the pump, but with the pain
and blood and bruiseing he had to endure, anything we have had to do with
the pump just seems "so worth it".
And about the clip, it's great, it comes attached to the pump, but you can
take it off easily if you want to. It also came with this neat leather case
that has a window so you can still see what is going on.
The infusion site has went a full 3 days with the silhouette, and I believe
if the tape had'nt came lose we would have went longer. This time I put the
IV 3000 transparent tape over it like a few of you do, hopefully this will
be better.
I did just hae to go to school to change the tubeing, it gave a no delivery
alarm when he tried to bolus for lunch. He tried to bolus 10.0 and it would
stop and beep as soon as 0.4. So that made me feel good that it would warn
us so soon. He had already ate and I got up there and had him changed within
the hour and he was still just 136 after we got him going again.
I took off the pump and used the prime feature first to see if it was the
tubeing or the whole thing. Well the alarm went off and would not prime past
0.4 again. So I just changed the reservoir and the tubeing, primed it and
hooked him back up and gave a normal bolus. He was so glad we did'nt have to
change the infusion site, since we had just done that yesterday. And I so
thankful for this wonderful angel of a teacher, who has simply taken Jason
under her wing for me. She e-mails me everyday to let me know how he is
doing, just so Jason can retain his dignity by not having me around school
everyday like in elementary days. She checks on him in every class and is
willing to learn anything about the pump so she can hlep him. She says that
she seldom sees an average child try so hard and it is especially rare in
special education children, so she feels she just has to help someone so
willing to fight for what he wants. See, he wants to stay in cross country
so bad, and he has to keep his grades up in order to do that. As it turns
out he is the best in cross country that they have too. This is by far the
best year that Jason has ever had, because he has so many people around him
pulling for him for a change, and because the pump is the best gift God ever
gave to the diabetic child.
So many of you here have been so wonderful, the encouragement and the
information that I have recieved from the people on this
list...........well, it's the best gift God ever gave to the parent of the
diabetic child.

Ever so much thanks to the people on here and the people who run this list.
Keep up the good work,  I could not have done as well as I have without you

                                    Sincerely, Leisha Roberts
                                     email @ redacted

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