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[IP] #4 in my hypo list...

    Well people - it has been a while since I've told a story so I
figured I would today.  I need a good laugh (very depressed about not
getting a job in the school system here!)  Delaine started some humor so
let me add a bit.  I call it...
                            #4 - TAKE A BITE OUT OF...
Still in high school, having my continued weekly lows, and of course all
of them mostly during the nighttime...I wake up as the alarm goes off
and start to go get in the shower.  It is completely dark in the house
and I am the first one up.  I have a brother who is 6 yrs. younger than
me, so he was in middle school at the time.  I am walking down the hall,
stripping my clothes off as I go.  I am so "out of it" but still
conscious...I'm stumbling and falling down but I keep getting up and
trying to get to that shower...can't go to school stinky!!  So I walk
into the spare bedroom and can't figure out where I am?!?!?  I didn't
understand why there was no toilet or shower in the bathroom (duh, it
wasn't the bathroom)  I remember thinking..."Damn, mom & dad moved the
rooms on me while I was sleeping!"  So I get back out to the hallway and
find my way to the REAL bathroom and turn on the water for the shower.
For some reason (I say LUCK because I probably would have drown myself
in the shower) I went back to my bedroom to turn on the TV or something,
I had a towel around me - I guess I was getting cold at this point.
Then I proceeded to walk back to the bathroom...or so I thought!  I
walked (stumbled) into my brother's room!!!!!  I trip over his bed and
landed on him. With the force of the fall throw my towel over his head,
he screams bloody murder, scares the crud out of me, I jump back with
the force from him shoving me off him, completely naked, fall into his
desk, hit my head on the corner, get back up and fall again into the
computer printer.  I busted the printer cover to pieces, put my tooth
through my lip, bleeding everywhere, my brother had a heart attack I'm
sure, AND...last but not least...HE PEED IN HIS BED!!!!!!  So, after I
come to, after many Hi-Cs, all I can do is laugh because I made my
brother pee his pants (boxers) as I have this butterfly stitch on my
throbbing lipand my whole face is black & blue!  When I go to school the
next day trying to explain why I took a bite out of  my lip and look
like i am beat-up, all I could do was laugh every time someone asked
me!  To this day I'm not really sure if he screamed because he thought I
was a murderer or if he saw me naked?!?!?!  :-)  So it is our little
secret (ALL 500 of us) if my brother knew I told you all he peed his
pants he'd kill me!
    *I didn't lie, my hypo. stories are WILD!  And just think I haven't
even gotten to the REALLY good ones yet?!?
D.  :-)

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