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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump


These are my observations on the great debate, Disetronic vs Minimed.

Some of the good points of the Disetronic are:
Water Proof (with small red cap). Minimed has the sports guard for water
proofing which is somewhat bulky.

You can Silence the Beeps on the Disetronic. This is especially useful for
temporary basal rates. It does not silence alarms. Also, good when silence is
required i.e. classroom, religious gatherings, weddings etc..

Back-up Pump (sold b/c of European laws), excellent for peace of mind and for
use during inspections or problems.

Capable of 24 different basal rates. Most people do not need this many.

The alarm for No Delivery is based on a different system than Minimed. You may
wish to research how they work but it is my understanding that the Minimed is
based on the number of missed units possibly being a problem for people who
require low doses. I do not know how the Disetronic works. If you require a
low basal rate you may consider the Disetronic as it alarms sooner in this
instance. Seems especially ideal for children.

Good points of the Minimed are:
Square wave bolus: This is a fantastic feature, great for high carb meals
etc.., it is duplicable by the Disetronic with a temp basal setting but the
Disetronic system much more difficult and overall not as good. The minimed
Square Wave bolus is a feature that many people frequently. It should be given
high regard.

Minimed has more colors and flexibility of style than Disetronic. Disetronic
now offers an additional color.

Community Involvement (At least in this part of the world i.e. America,
Minimed is much more visible in the community.)

Overall: Both companies and pumps are excellent choices. In my opinion,
neither is better than the other except for individual lifestyles and
preferences. I believe it would be safe to say that all cathaders, needles
etc... are usable by both pumps or have comparable equipment. 

Good luck in your decision.
- Katie
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/