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[IP] glucagon

i wanted to share what happened to my family with you all, with hopes that it
will help some of you.

saturday morning when my family was standing around the kitchen making
breakfest, my little sister, ann., who is diabetic, seized. it was possibly
scariest thing that i have ever seen in my life. i didn't know if anything was
wrong at first, but when she didn't answer me asking her if she was ok, and i
ran over, she starting really seizing. 

i ran over with my dad, tried to get her to drink juice, and didn't get a
response from her. i yelled to my other sister, em, ( also diabetic) to get
glucagon drawn up..  she didn't have any idea how to do it. we ended trying to
switch places to have her hold the seizing sister so she wouldn't hit the
floor, and have me draw up the glucagon.  em didn't make it around the table
fast enough.. and ann hit the floor. she bit up her tounge in two places, and
dislocated her shoulder. 

i can't tell you all how important it is to have glucagon, and to have
around you know how to use it. none of us really had drawn it up before, my
mother had, but she was out of the room, and had no idea of what was  going
on.  if we had known what to do, we could have saved ann some of the pain that
she's in, and she may not make it to state tennis championships again this
because of it. 

please, please teach your family and friends how to use glucagon.. you'll
know when you need that knowledge.

ok, i'm getting off my soapbox now.
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