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Re: [IP] re: Big Bolus absorption

Ed, just to keept the record straight, fat metabolism requires no insulin at all. Fat in the gi tract may delay some absorption of carbos, but if you ate a pound of butter, you wouldn't need any bolus. I also have to bolus extra later after a big MickyD's, and I think that's because, the french fries portion is always bigger than what I think and the meat requres some insulin a few hours later. But they are good, despite the cholesterol etc.

\>>>>>>>>>>>From: edward <email @ redacted>

When I have a high, I take my extra bolus and expect a drop of 50 points
per unit. After a couple of hours, if there is a definite change for the
better, I wait at least another hour before taking any more. I have a
tendency towards a late peak so I like to wait that extra hour.
Sometimes after a high-fat meal (like McD's with fries), I'll show a
high and take extra insulin. A couple of hours later there may be no
change at all due to the fat calories kicking in.
I'll take more at that
point because obviously the extra insulin earlier did not do anything.
There's a lot of trial and error in this stuff, but frequent testing
sure does help.
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