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Re: [IP] Clip on Pumps

On  8 Sep 98 at 1:27, email @ redacted wrote:

> Please clarify this for me -  we are just in the process of putting pir 8 year
> old daughter, Laura, on an insulin pump.  From  from what I understand the
> Disetronic DOES NOT have a clip on the back of the pump and the Minimed DOES
> have a clip.  
> I am curious as to why one does and why one doesn't.  Also those that have the
> Minimed, do you find the clip to be helpful or do you usually keep the pump in
> a pocket and the issue becomes a moot point.  

The clip comes in handy when you're handling the pump, to 
temporarily hang it on your shirt, pocket or whatever.  A lot of 
people use it to just put the pump on their belt or the waistband of 
their pants.  It makes the task of finding a place to put the pump a 
little easier...

Randall P. Winchester
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