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Re: [IP] HTML, Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator Posts

Hi Randall,

I am using Netscape 3.04 Gold and have never had it crash on e-mail.  I
like it because it will follow links and addresses that are included in
messages without using a whole lot of different buttons and keystrokes. 
It doesn't like HTML most of the time, though.

Your messages have always worked just fine on my browser -- they are in
plain text style on my end.

I have heard of Pegasus but I have never tried it.  Like I have said
before -- I just don't have much more room on my hard drive for
anything.  I only have about 75 Meg of available space left.

> The problem is simple - I use the latest version of Netscape as a
> browser but because the e-mail program part of communicator was so
> limited I use another e-mail program.  My experience was that the
> Netscape e-mail tended to crash very often, usually trashing all the
> mail that I had downloaded during that session.  The crashes
> occurred during the download or just after, so I got tired of losing
> messages all the time.  On some days I can get a bunch of e-mail and
> I need an "industrial strength" e-mail program.
> I use Pegasus because it's got the necessary features, except that
> the "cute" HTML formatting that lets people put extraneous fluff like
> funny fonts (and why they use fonts that most other people don't have
> escapes me), line after line of boldface, or other "web page"
> features still make it choke.  It offers to start the browser to let
> you read them, but you still have to go through gyrations to delete
> them - it takes many keystrokes to delete them, and it sometimes
> seems to be a waste of time to transfer to the browser just to find
> that somebody responded to another message with a three word sentence
> in a funny font and strange color...
> Randall P. Winchester

	... Sue  :-)

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		but wisdom comes from On High!

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