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[IP] address


I sent a message this evening from both delanet and ssnet, except the one
from delanet didn't go.  I got an error message saying that the address is
not on the list of approved recipient hosts, or something like that.  I
forwarded it to the sys-admin at delanet.  I tried to send something to
myself at work and got the same error message.  Either I am doing something
wrong or they haven't a very large list of approved receiver-hosts.  

Anyway, I will let you know what the sys-admin tells me, when I hear form
him.  As I said elsewhere, I am outa here on Thursday morning, so if it
isn't done by then, it'll have to wait until I return.

Thanks for all your help and attention and time,


ps.  Oh, yes.  When you wrote your FAQ, did you do it all as text online to
the server at bzs.org?  If not, how did you do it.  I am doing mine in
html, since I know how that works and am comfortable doing it that way.
Michaels messages about how it is done have not been real clear, except for
letting me know to contact others on the list since you all are familiar
with it.



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