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Re: [IP] HTML, Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator Posts

At 07:50 AM 09/07/1998  Randall Winchester wrote:
>The problem is simple - I use the latest version of Netscape as a 
>browser but because the e-mail program part of communicator was so 
>limited I use another e-mail program.  My experience was that the 
>Netscape e-mail tended to crash very often, usually trashing all the 
>mail that I had downloaded during that session.  The crashes 
>occurred during the download or just after, so I got tired of loosing 
>messages all the time.  On some days I can get a bunch of e-mail and 
>I need an "industrial strength" e-mail program. 
>I use Pegasus because it's got the necessary features, except that 
>the "cute" HTML formatting that lets people put extraneous fluff like 
>funny fonts (and why they use fonts that most other people don't have 
>escapes me), line after line of boldface, or other "web page" 
>features still make it choke.  It offers to start the browser to let 
>you read them, but you still have to go through gyrations to delete 
>them - it takes many keystrokes to delete them, and it sometimes 
>seems to be a waste of time to transfer to the browser just to find 
>that somebody responded to another message with a three word sentence 
>in a funny font and strange color...

Virtually all email programs let you turn off HTML. You don't necessarily
need to use Pegasus or any other separate email program if yours works OK
for you. I happen to use Eudora and it is a simple matter to turn off HTML
formatting. In your software it may be labeled as Styled Text or HTML
Formatted text... in either case just make sure that you have it turned off
and it is set to send messages in "plain text" only. Outlook Express,
Netscape, etc. also allow you do the same thing.

If anyone has an email program in which they can see bold, italic or
underlined text and/or different sized fonts within a document, etc., you
are sending HTML type text. Let us know what the name of your email program
is and someone here will be happy to show you how to turn the formatting


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