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Re: [IP] HTML, Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator Posts

On  5 Sep 98 at 23:37, Sue W wrote:

> Hi,
> The older versions of Netscape (i.e. Navigator) only work with regular
> text.  I think that the newer versions of Netscape (i.e. Communicator)
> are the ones with a choice.  Since I don't have room on my hard drive to
> use Communicator, I don't know for sure how it works.
> Would someone who uses a newer version of Netscape please clue us in?

The problem is simple - I use the latest version of Netscape as a 
browser but because the e-mail program part of communicator was so 
limited I use another e-mail program.  My experience was that the 
Netscape e-mail tended to crash very often, usually trashing all the 
mail that I had downloaded during that session.  The crashes 
occurred during the download or just after, so I got tired of loosing 
messages all the time.  On some days I can get a bunch of e-mail and 
I need an "industrial strength" e-mail program. 

I use Pegasus because it's got the necessary features, except that 
the "cute" HTML formatting that lets people put extraneous fluff like 
funny fonts (and why they use fonts that most other people don't have 
escapes me), line after line of boldface, or other "web page" 
features still make it choke.  It offers to start the browser to let 
you read them, but you still have to go through gyrations to delete 
them - it takes many keystrokes to delete them, and it sometimes 
seems to be a waste of time to transfer to the browser just to find 
that somebody responded to another message with a three word sentence 
in a funny font and strange color...

Randall P. Winchester
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* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
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