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Re: [IP] Re:Friendly words

Thanks for the encouragement. Your a1c is great. I started on the 4needles per
day in january of this year and had a a1c of 8.4. My General Practitioner was
too concerned about it but he sent me to an Specialiest who started me on the
path to the pump after 3 months i went down to a 7.1 . And am now on the pump.
I hope to get even Better. 

  Good Luck in getting your Pump.  The only recommendation I have is to learn
to Not get Overreactive to any changes in the begining. I have to still learn
to relax. and let the Pump do it's thing. I have been checking my glucoses
about 18-20 times a day. I think I am starting to get more confident with
letting the pump do what it is supposed to.

  Well thanks again for the good wishes.
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