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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump

Hi Joanne,

The MiniMed 507C lets you program in as many as 48 different basal rates
if you want to -- that's one every 30 minutes!

I also know a couple of people who have Disetronic pumps.  Neither of
them has needed the backup pump except when the original ran out of time
and had to be sent in for maintenance.  I hope yours is that reliable,

> I choose a Disetronic for a couple of reasons.  

<snipped for space>

> I like the fact that with the
> Disetronic you set a basal rate for each hour.  It much easier for me to
> set the basal rate for each hour from 3 - 9 am (for example) then to set a
> basal rate at 3am for 6 hours.  Disetronic makes this easier by providing a
> way to copy a basal rate from one hour to the next.
> Joanne

	... Sue  :-)

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