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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump

Stacey,  I love my disetronic pump.  I picked it for two reasons.  Number one,
I use to swim regularly and the disetronic is waterproof.  Number two, I get a
backup pump in case there is a problem with the first pump.  Even though I
have only used the backup once, I like the security of having it available.  I
got a video from minimed and disetronic and it seemed like everyone who was
very athletic had a disetronic.  I am very active physically so the decision
was easy for me.  The reps. in my area are very responsive when I have needed
them so I have no complaints.  Compared to others on this list, I have had
virtually no problems with my pump.  The problems I have had is with adjusting
the basal rates to fit my exercise schedule.  Of course, that has nothing to
do with the pump and everything to do with my diabetes.  I also like how
rugged my pump is.  I would definitely recommend it for any child or person
who is very active.  If you are not that active, I don't think it would matter
which pump you get because they are both good, but for my lifestyle I am very
thankful I have the disetronic.  ellen
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