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[IP] Jenn and heartburn

It sounds as though you have several of the symptoms commonly ascribed to
gastroparesis.  However, it is a complication that the medical professionals
will take awhile to firmly diagnose if you have had a modicum of control
during you're life with D.  I would suggest talking to your doc.  If you
tend to be an analytical sort, or just like searching the web, be a little
careful.  Gastro problems are one of the lesser known complications, and you
will find MANY sites which will say that they happen only to bad, no BAD
with a capital B, diabetics.  Not true.  Take a closer look at the DCCT, and
find that even with very tight control, 40% of diabetics will end up with
debilitating complications.  Now that the little guilt trips are (hopefully)
retreating, get on with the program.  Your pump is especially helpful with a
gut that does not absorb as expected.  I think that meat (very, very lean
meat) takes about 15 hours for me, and does cause a marked rise in bgs --
perhaps by carrying some of the carbs alon when it finally starts to take on
the meat.  I can't program a square wave for that long, but I can sqare wave
the carbs, avoid the fat, minimize the meat, do LOTS of blood sugars and
keep on living, growing, learning, giving -- and staying ambulatory instead
of at the ED (Emergency Department -- I happen to work at a large hospital).
Feel free to write with questions.
Take care,
email @ redacted

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