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[IP] a little humor goes a long way.....

:)  Hi all!  I thought that pumper's and prospective pumper's alike might
get a smile out of this one.....  Someone a while back (I think perhaps it
was Renee??) had shared a suggestion about pump placement inside pantyhose /
or "body shaper" type biking shorts, etc.... anyway - I LOVE the suggestion!
I don't know why I hadn't thought of removing the MM clip prior to that -
but that tiny little suggestion has made a big difference to me when I wear
fitted, one-piece dresses.  So the other day, I am wearing a full length
dress and the pump sans clip - tucked into the waistline of my pantyhose,
slightly right of center & just off my hipbone.  It is very comfortable
there - and virtually invisible!  Well... in the process of climbing out of
my Jeep at 6:30am as I arrive at work, my pump has "migrated" to a... well,
let's just say a more "central" location.  *lol*  No one else would have
known this, but *I did*!  There was no way that I was going to be able to
walk the required distance from parking lot to building entrance with my
pump perched precariously where it now sat.  Soooo - I did what any
dedicated baseball player would do, and I quickly "adjusted my package".
*wink*   Not as indiscreetly as I had initially hoped as one of the
"maintenance guys" was getting out of his car at that exact moment... and I
certainly caught him giving me quite a long and quizzical look!  *lol*   Why
do I have this funny feeling that all sorts of rumors abound???  *giggle*
"Delaine in drag"... who would have guessed(!)???  What I should have done
is spit through my teeth(!) - that would have clinched it for me, don't ya
think?   ;)


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