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Re: [IP] blood checkers


I've been using the Complete for 3 months now.  I love the memory
(although it still doesn't entirely log everything -- I guess some day
they will get to that).  It works well and I like that if you don't get
enough blood on the strip the first time, you can still add some in the
first 30 seconds.  They have new strips coming out any day now that are
much easier to use too and take less blood.  I like the way the meter
sorts and stores info.  To date, the only software if for a doctor's
office and it still doesn't do much of the sorting and organizing of
data that would be very helpful.  Patient software is coming out in
Oct.  I'm not sure how good it will be.  People on this list have
complained about the batteries needing frequent replacement, especially
when you use the backlight (which I love -- you can test in a movie
theater), but so far I haven't had to replace them.  If they wear out
more often, it doesn't seem that bad to me.

    What I don't like is that the meter is large -- a little bigger than
the Profile -- and has a bulky, hard to handle case.  I'm very small and
these meters mean that I either have to carry around a huge purse (which
I find myself tending to put down places during the day, finding myself
across campus without meter or glucose) or else I tend to cart it around
in my hand (so I forget it the car, drop it, can't effectively carry
papers and things when people hand them to me in the hall).  I've read
posts from men on the list who keep it in their pocket but while my very
large husband can do that for me if he wears the right clothes, I can't
find a pocket of my own that comes close to holding it.  If you are
skinny I imagine that would be hard.  I keep a smaller meter in my
purse.  But ideally, I would like to have all the records on one meter
-- or be able to share records from meter to meter -- since the beauty
of the Complete is that it will let me easily keep track of a busy day.
Of course, I guess you can't have everything.

Best of luck,


Gary Hughes wrote:

>  After I got my 507C by Fed-X, I got a gift of the Accu-Check
> Complete, from Mini-Med and Accu-ck.  Haven't used it yet.  Looks like
> it had lots of memorey and graph capability.  Anyone using this
> checker?  Do you find the many reports it can give out beneficial?  I
> like my Gluecometer Elite, because it will take the smallest amt. of
> blood from the finger and give a good reading.  I find the Accu-Check
> needs more blood and that means more of a stick to the finger. I see
> there is a new device out now, abt size of small tube of tooth paste,
> that will let you get your test drop of blood from palm of hand, leg,
> or any place other than the fingers which tend to have more
> nerves. Gary email @ redacted

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