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It sounds like gastroparesis but you should have it checked to be sure.
Gastroparesis is actually a kind of autonomic neuropathy so if you already have
some neuropathy, that would make it more likely for you.  With gastroparesis,
the more out of control your BGs are, the worse it gets which in turn makes it
harder to control your bgs.  I ran into this problem during grad school and it
took me a long time to figure out what was up.  They generally diagnose it with
a gastric emptying study which involves going in, eating eggs with some kind of
readable something in them, and them they lie you on a table and take pictures
of the inside of your stomach for several hours.   It doesn't hurt.

    The best way to beat it is to eat small amounts of protein (they suggest no
red meat and I've given red meat up entirely), very very low fat, and high
carbs.  The fat slows digestion down and confuses the insulin timing.  If you
you eat mostly carbs then it gets easier to match insulin to food.  I was given
a list by a dietician not too long ago of foods that appear to increase stomach
motility (what doesn't happen so well when you have gastroparesis).  It is
actually a very colorful and fun list:

    red bell pepper
    fresh pinapple (for some reason not juice and not canned)

If I can help, you can e-mail me privately.


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> From: "Lambert, Jennifer (MBS)" <email @ redacted>
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> Subject: RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #516
> Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 19:34:11 -0400
> I have a few questions that maybe someone has some insight on. What exactly
> is Dawn Phenomenon? Also do any other diabetics here get heartburn ? I have
> heartburn like nobody else's business all the time. I also get bloated
> constantly. I don't know if there is any relation but... Sometimes when I
> eat I bolus enough to cover the meal and all goes well, but then, out of no
> where, a couple hours later, my BS is around 300 or so. This is after
> testing an hour after eating and it being 130 or something. Does anyone have
> similar experiences? I really don't have any contacts with diabetics that
> often and no one I know has the pump. I just started on the Mini Med 507 4
> months ago. I like it alot but I have kinda of slacked off with my care
> regimen. I find it inspirational to read about you others taking good care
> of your selves. Oh just for some info, I am 25, in pretty good health, no
> complications except alittle neuropathy in my big toes, fairly active,
> fairly good control. I do however get annoyed at being diabetic All the
> time, and I kind of ignore it for a while. I always take my insulin and try
> to eat right and all that but I do let my high BS's go for a while when I'm
> not up to figuring it out. Anyway, enough from me,but if anyone does have
> any answers to the above questions, let me know. Thanks
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