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[IP] Pump

       I was hooked up to my 507 on April 15. My wife was with me. I personally feel that it's a good idea to have
someone with you. If you do miss something that's said or demonstated your wife may have picked it up. The moral support
is also kinda nice. It was a big step for me, being connected to this contraption. But I wouldn't give it up for anything
at this point.
       We had 3 one hour classes at the Diabetes Treatmet Center before being connected and lotsa homework in
between. The morning I was connected we spent about 8 hours @ the DTC. We had breakfast and lunch followed by
bg tests and tests on our knowledge of carb. counting for the various foods that we had.
        The people at the DTC were absolutely fabulous they made the connection process a breeze.Gary I think you'll do
fine. Down the road , like most of us, you'll decide it's the best thing you ever did.


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