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[IP] Celebrating my anniversary

Hello Pumpers.

Labor day weekend is the anniversary of my diagnosis with T1.  Sixteen
years ago, at age 20 and after losing much weight, I finally became
too ill to ignore it.  After a few days in the hospital, including two
in intensive care, and some education, I was out but numb with a
disease I had bareful of just a few days before.  My first insulin
reaction occured just hours later and it was definitely a "shock".  I
was visiting my friends at work when it occured and fortunately
somewhere there, who was also T1, recognized it for me.  Good thing I
wasn't driving.

To celebrate this anniversary, I bought myself a new meter.  Doing
something like this in the past has often motivated me to work at my
diabetes better for a while.  In the pep talk from the doc a few days
ago, he said I could be doing better.  This is the poorest I have ever
taken care of it.  I'm not looking forward to the test results. 
Blah!  I hope this works.

To this day, my education continues and I recognize a love/hate
relationship with my pump.  I love using it and I hate that it's
always attached.  Kind of an outward symbol of a malfunction inside.

Thanks for listening.

            = Bob Waltenspiel =
email @ redacted            webpage: http://www.sonic.net/~bobino
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