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[IP] Pumpers -- I Need Your Letters, Please!


This letter is for anyone using an insulin pump.

I am seeing my new endo for the second time on September 14.  I first
saw him on August 5.  Because of the weird BG patterns I have been
having lately, he is having me do some other lab tests before I go in to
see him.  This is why there is a little delay.

He is an endo who prescribes pumps for many of his patients and I am
hoping that he will prescribe one for me.

Would as many of you as possible please send me letters (e-mail) telling
how your pumps have improved your BG, lifestyle, etc.?  I would
particularly like letters from people who have gone through surgery with
their pump and also would like letters from ladies who have worn a pump
during pregnancy (I am hoping to get pregnant after I get things in
control -- before it is too late).  I would like to print out these
letters and take them with me to my appointment and show him.  Maybe the
sheer volume of positive responses will help (I hope).

Thanks in advance!

	... Sue  :-)

		We can get information online ...
		but wisdom comes from On High!

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