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Re: [IP] blood checkers

Hi Gary,

I have been using the Accu-Chek Complete meter for a few months now.  I
really like it.  I'm still waiting for the software to come out,
though.  It is the only meter that is really made to be compatible with
keeping records from using a pump.  It lets you enter your boluses in
0.1, 0.5 or 1.0 unit increments.  It also lets you keep a record of your
basal profile(s).  It can also be set up to record things like tubing
changes, etc.  I particularly like the on-screen display of the BG

The only thing I dislike about it is that it uses up batteries real fast
-- especially if you use the backlight feature.  Unfortunately it is
very difficult to see the screen most of the time without the
backlight.  It uses 2 "AAA" alkaline batteries which are easy to find
and don't cost very much.  I don't see this as enough of a drawback to
quit using the meter.

Gary Hughes wrote:
> After I got my 507C by Fed-X, I got a gift of the Accu-Check Complete,
> from Mini-Med and Accu-ck.  Haven't used it yet.  Looks like it had
> lots of memorey and graph capability.  Anyone using this checker?  Do
> you find the many reports it can give out beneficial?  I like my
> Gluecometer Elite, because it will take the smallest amt. of blood
> from the finger and give a good reading.  I find the Accu-Check needs
> more blood and that means more of a stick to the finger.
> I see there is a new device out now, abt size of small tube of tooth
> paste, that will let you get your test drop of blood from palm of
> hand, leg, or any place other than the fingers which tend to have more
> nerves.
> Gary Hughes
> email @ redacted

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