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[IP] HTML, Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator Posts


Maybe I have no right to even be asking this (after the problems with my
signature line and all) but I am going to anyway.  Would the people who
are posting HTML or using Outlook Express, some Versions of Netscape
Communicator or even other mail programs that use HTML text, please set
their mail programs to regular text (or at least a larger typeface)? 
The HTML posts come out on my mail program with all the commands mixed
in with the text -- next to impossible to read.  Usually when I see one
of these, I just delete it.  The posts from Outlook Express, some
versions of Netscape Communicator and those other various programs have
such a small typeface (usually) that I get eyestrain just from trying to
read them and I have 20/20 vision with my contacts or glasses (for the
time being).  I am sure there are other people on this list who can't
see as well as I can.


BTW, in case you haven't noticed -- I took out as many lines as I
possibly could on my signature line that would still let it look the way
it needs to.

	... Sue  :-)

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