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Re: [IP] Computer Hook-up

Hi Gary,

The last I heard, the Cradle and Software are not available yet.  They
should be available soon.  I sent MiniMed an e-mail the other day about
it, but they are all on vacation until after the 7th of September. 
Hopefully, they will be able to tell me something then.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

If you want to e-mail ail me after the 7th maybe I can tell you
something then.  My e-mail is <mailto:email @ redacted>.

Gary Hughes wrote:
> To all 507C pumpers:
>     I get my pump hooked up this Wed. the 9th.  Have had the pump in
> my posession for 2 months but ws on waiting list to get it hooked up.
> Was wondering do any of you have the computer hook up for the 507C?
> If you have it how do you like it.  And what does it cost for the hook
> up?  I heard it was still yet to be introduced to the 507C users.  But
> maybe by now some of you have the interface for the 507C.
> Gary Hughes
> email @ redacted

	... Sue  :-)

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