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[IP] Looking for the SportGuard Case or equivalent...

I am in serious need of a water-proof AND impact-resistant case for my
MiniMed 507. I've been using one from Unique Accessories, but this
morning, it just fell off its suction cups, and hit the shower floor.
Luckily, I only lost the reservoir, which I immediately replaced. But it
sure scared me, and since I must travel to Puerto Rico soon, where I
cannot get pump supplies, I need to protect myself with a tougher pump

As I will be traveling at the end of September, I am eager to get a new
case ASAP. I tried the MiniMed web site, but I could no longer find the
hard plastic case, but I saw a water-proof cordura material case. Did
they change or discontinue  the plastic case? If anyone has any
suggestions on where I can find a sturdy case that I can use in a
shower, please e-mail me directly at email @ redacted

Amilcar Vazquez Jr., 934 Hardwick Avenue, Orlando, FL 32825-6639
mailto:email @ redacted (Off.) mailto:email @ redacted
http://www.sistemas.net (Off.) http://www.vazquez.net (Pers.)
ICQ:8907355 AOL AIM:AVazquez

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