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[IP] Disetronic Pumps

Dear Stacey,
I'm not sure about your specifics, but my now 9 yo daughter uses a Disetronic, so maybe some of this will be helpful.
We chose the Disetronic for several reasons. The biggest necessity for us was its waterproofness. Stephanie tried quite a few different styles of infusion sets before we decided on which brand of pump to buy. The only one she was comfortable with was the Rapid set, made by Disetronic. Unfortunately, these don't come in quick release, and because Stephanie loves to swim, we felt for us, the waterproof feature of the Disetronic was essential. (mini-med offers a sport guard case which is waterproof, but is somewhat bulky, so I've heard.)
Secondly, Disetronic sells their pumps in pairs. At first, I thought this implied an increased likelihood of it breaking down, but after talking to lots of folks, I realized that Disetronic is required by law to sell them in pairs in Europe, and simply found it easier to do so in the US as well. I really like the security provided by having the backup in our posession...Stephanie LOVES her pump, and would be horrified at having to go back to MDI.
Disetronic doesn't have the cool colors of the Mini-med (to an 8 year old, that was a biggie!), but we've come to like the clear quite well... it's really nice to be able to glance at the pump and see how much insulin is left in the cartridge! We also have found the Disetronic to be very sturdy...It's fallen on a sidewalk while Steph was jumping rope (it bounced out of her pocket) and has spent long days in the water at the beach with no problems at all in terms of sand, etc.
We've only been at this for 6 months, but so far, we've had excellent experiences. The Disetronic rep here in Colorado is wonderful (the Mini-med fellow was much less so) and its nice to have someone pleasant and helpful to rely on (I've heard lots of stories about just the opposite being true about reps in various parts of the country, so call both companies in your area).
As you'll read on the IP list over and over, Your Mileage May Vary!
Good luck!
Betsy Sale