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[IP] diabetes prevention study

 NIH Recruits Men for Diabetes Study

.c The Associated Press

 WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government needs a few good men -- for research on
preventing diabetes.

The National Institutes of Health is recruiting 3,000 Americans at risk of
Type II, or adult-onset, diabetes to study whether diet, exercise or the drug
metformin can prevent the dangerous disease.

Although Type II diabetes strikes men and women equally, two-thirds of study
participants so far are women, said Dr. David Nathan, chairman of the NIH-
funded Diabetes Prevention Program.

``We are having a little difficulty'' enrolling men, Nathan said. ``I'm not
exactly sure why.''

But a new survey by the NIH program found men know very little about diabetes.
Nearly 40 percent of men were unable to name any diabetes risk factors, which
include being over 45, relatives with the disease and being overweight.

Nathan thought men would associate diabetes with impotence -- over half of
older male diabetics become impotent. ``It seems that would be a pretty strong
motivator for many men to prevent diabetes from developing,'' he said. ``It
would motivate me.'' But just 3.6 percent of men surveyed knew diabetes caused

The survey included 1,359 Americans age 45 and older, 977 of them men. Results
for women haven't been analyzed yet.

About 16 million Americans have diabetes, most of it the Type II form that
strikes as people age. Diabetes can cause heart disease, kidney failure and
blindness. Symptoms include increased urination and thirst, blurred vision and

For study information, call 1-888-DPP-JOIN.

AP-NY-09-04-98 1717EDT

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