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[IP] Dawn phenom and rebound


The dawn phenomenon is when your body becomes more insulin resistant (due
to hormones) during the hours before getting up and after getting up. 
Lauren, 12 who is growing, needs .2 more insulin per hour between 2:30 and
9:00 am to cover the Dawn phenomenon.  Some apparently don't have a Dawn
phenomenon.  And some young ones seem to even have a different pattern.

I think that you are experiencing rebounds cause if you are at 130 one hour
after eating, there may be more insulin working which brings you low and
the liver then kicks out glucose...Lauren usually shoots up over 300...( My
doc says the liver simply responds to a low by kicking out all its got)...
Sometimes Lauren doesn't even feel the low before her liver kicks in,
sometimes I think it happens when there is a dramatic drop in BG and she
rebounds before even reaching 100.)

With Lauren, a bolus of more than 6 affects her BG's for as long as 3+
hours after injection.

Diane Massey

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