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I have the same gastric problem.  My condition is called gastroparesis.  I
believe it is caused from nerve damage caused by the diabetes.  Basically, I
absorb food slower than normal which explains the higher bgs later.  I get
the worst heartburn, the pain throbs through my chest to my back.  If I
didn't know better I would think that I was having a heart attack.  The
blotting is really bad.  My doctor prescribed propulsid and I have very few
problems now.  I am not a doctor - this may not be your problem - see if
your doctor will order a "gastric emptying study" to see if  you have this

I am sure others will explain this much better than me.

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I have a few questions that maybe someone has some insight on. What exactly
is Dawn Phenomenon? Also do any other diabetics here get heartburn ? I have
heartburn like nobody else's business all the time. I also get bloated
constantly. I don't know if there is any relation but... Sometimes when I
eat I bolus enough to cover the meal and all goes well, but then, out of no
where, a couple hours later, my BS is around 300 or so. This is after
testing an hour after eating and it being 130 or something. Does anyone have
similar experiences? I really don't have any contacts with diabetics that
often and no one I know has the pump. I just started on the Mini Med 507 4
months ago. I like it alot but I have kinda of slacked off with my care
regimen. I find it inspirational to read about you others taking good care
of your selves. Oh just for some info, I am 25, in pretty good health, no
complications except alittle neuropathy in my big toes, fairly active,
fairly good control. I do however get annoyed at being diabetic All the
time, and I kind of ignore it for a while. I always take my insulin and try
to eat right and all that but I do let my high BS's go for a while when I'm
not up to figuring it out. Anyway, enough from me,but if anyone does have
any answers to the above questions, let me know. Thanks

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/