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Re: [IP] cartridges and catheters

Don Francisco wrote:
> When I started with my Disetronic pump in June I was told to always change
> the tube/infusion set when I change the cartridge of insulin.

That would be rather wastful with the infusion sets I get: 10 canula bases
with 5 hoses...... Seems the people making Tenders don't agree with your 
doctor. Of course if you're using steel needles rather than Tenders (or Comforts
where I get mine), this doesn't apply.
> I noticed at that time those little slide clamps that came with the pump
> and asked what they were for.  I was told what they do but that there is
> very little use for them.  Recently I was looking through the users manual
> and found what they are for:  Changing the cartridge without changing the
> tube!  Do any of you have any experience with doing (or not doing) this?

They were really for changing catridges BEFORE quick disconnect sets were
available. They still include them, likely only for the rare user that 
still needs them. I've never used them myself.
> Several times the coordination of change dates has not worked out and I
> have had to readjust the schedule of tube changes or use a new one very
> soon after the last change.  If it is accurate that the cartridge may be
> changed without changing the tube, that might make things a bit easier to
> coordinate.

Yes, and that's the REAL approach, not the CYA story they give you at the 
doctors office.

  Although the clamps look like they might be almost more
> trouble than they are worth.

Yes they are. Besides which they aren't even effective.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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