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Re: [IP] Hooking up

On  4 Sep 98 at 21:06, Gary Hughes wrote:

> I will get hooked up to the 507C on Wed. the 9th.  Little nervous.  Will be glad to get off the 4 shot a day schedule.  Any words of wisdom, as I go for the installation?
> Gary Hughes

1. Don't get too excited about potential problems.  Study the 
material available and map out a few simple strategies such as what 
to do when your bg is high or low, how to evaluate bolus rates and 
how to operate the pump. 

2.  Remember that a low bg can be treated with a sugar tab, and high 
bg values aren't a reason for panic.  Just proceed cautiously and 
keep good records so you can spot patterns.

3. Try to keep your sense of humor.  It is a stressful time for many 
people - many of us have gone through a few episodes of wanting to 
throw the pump at the wall.  Remember that some of this stuff is 
normal and there are a lot of us here who can help you when things 
get frustrating.  

4. Don't take yourself or us too seriously.  We're all Borgs after 
all...  and some of us have discussed the idea that there are some 
defective memory chips and processors floating around out there...

5. Ask questions - this bunch of people has seen just about 
everything before and can answer all kinds of questions and help 
solve many problems.  

6. Keep a sense of perspective - a lot of us are "pump advocates" and 
are quite vocal about it.  Sometimes we get a little 
overenthusiastic...  so remember # 3 and #4.

Randall P. Winchester
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