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RE: [IP] Hooking up

I just got hooked up three weeks ago.  Don't be nervous - it was a real joy for me to see my numbers down in the low 100s three hours after attaching.  I have had no problems yet - my numbers have been averaging from 80-120 most of the time.  I still need to work on my carb counting with meals.  When I get a little low now it is very slow and I don't get anxious and stuff food down my mouth - I just take 3 glucose tabs and carry on.  I wish I had known more about the pump 13 years ago - LIFE IS GOOD.
The best thing - I am in a great mood all the time!!!!!!!!!!
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I will get hooked up to the 507C on Wed. the 9th.  Little nervous.  Will be glad to get off the 4 shot a day schedule.  Any words of wisdom, as I go for the installation?
Gary Hughes
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