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[IP] Sore / Itchy Sites - jenny


I do indeed use the sof-set.  I thought the problem might be with the
set, but I was told sof-set was the 'least irritative.'  I have a few
ideas about what the problem might be but so far no changes in the
antiseptic have stopped the itching and absorption problems.  Also I used
Humalog in injections for a year so don't think it's the insulin.  I'm
going to try your method (i have left the white tape on by mistake a
couple times but don't remember if that helped my problem.)  Also the
itching takes place while I'm pumping, in the area of the tape as well as
the welt so I'm interested in the kind of tape you use instead of the
"donut" iv3000 tape.  My problem is that I'm a swimmer and that tape holds
up the best in the water.  What kind of tape are you using?!?  Most tapes
have trouble adhering to my body when i sweat or swim.

Thanks sooo much for your help!!


Miranda Miller
University of Michigan

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