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Re: [IP] HbA1c chart

Thats great information Donna, but these numbers for BG must be mean
values.  I suspect that there is a very big standard deviation about this
mean,  so people need to keep this in mind when they get their results. .
I don't suppose that the insurance company provided any info on this
variability, but if someone's A1Cs and BGs don't match this chart, they
shouldn't get too upset.  YMM

 <<<<<<<<<<From: Donna Shepard <email @ redacted>

Hi gang.....Just by surprise my insurance company sent me some
information on HbA1c.  It was comparing A1c's with blood sugars.
Thought you would like to know about this so here goes.
  Normal range is 4% to 6% but some labs have different ranges.  So make
sure you ask your lab's normal range. Chart showes infor like this
4%=60, 5%=90, 6%=120, 7%=150, 8%=180, 9%=210, 10%=240, 11%=270, 12%=300,
and 13%=330.
     This might help some of you like myself when it comes to figuring
out those great ranges that I've been reading about.  My A1c is due
pretty soon and I hope I see a great number like most of you guys are

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