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[IP] [Big Bolus absorption

I have observed the same thing with a big bolus given as a result of a big high - 300 or so.   Seems to take hours - after 1 hour I may be down 40 points, 2 hours down 100 points, I usuall bolus 2-3 units again again after two hours "Knowing that that is peak time for Humalog".   Than after three hours it is at 150 and I bolus a  .5 or so.  Sometimes about four hours later it seems that all the boluses hit and I go too low.  I just want to get the high down as quickly as possible.   I am prepared for that low, cause it happens every few weeks of so.  I just eat a half of a fiber bar and that takes care of things for me.  I do not bolus for the fiber bar.   I am wondering if there is a better way.  

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