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[IP] To Rodney

Hi Rodney!
Hope today is a good day for you.  It is Friday and a long weekend for  many of us.   Just wanted you to know how often you have been on my mind, and by the looks of it, many others are thinking of you also. YOu are one of the special people to me who have lots of trials and tribulations to get through - Your attitude is terrific - You just keep plugging along, don't you?!  You have given a lot to all of us with your  messages and stories.  Please keep us posted about how you are doing.  This is the place you can "dump" your feelings, share your bad and good times and know that we all have empathy and understanding and most of all we ALL want your healthy and happy.   Thank you for being here. 
with love (well it is a kind of love that I think all pumpers share with one another - love as compassion, understanding and care and a special bond- I mean if one of you needed something and I could provide it, sight unseen you would get it from me asap- isn't that a kind of love??),   

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