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Re: [IP] IV3000

At 06:48 PM 09/03/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Several posts discussing infussion site strategies have mentioned IV3000 
>taping configurations that I have not heard of.  I have been using a pump

>3 years with little contact or input from anyone.  So, is there something

>about sites and taping that I wasn't told? What IS IV300?   I use the 
>silhouette and before that disetronic tenders.  I do have occaisional
>irritation at the site and my doc says b/c I leave them in too long.
>is right since more frequent changing eliminates the problem.  

IV3000 is a thin transparent dressing that some of us use under the
Silhouette. Its made by Smith & Nephew and it is available from MiniMed
(and other locations). The purpose is to help provide a wider sterile field
around where the infusion set is inserted. It also makes taking off the set

How long do you keep a set in? If you use Humalog, the norm seems to be
around 2-3 days or so. Those that use Regular can usually get away with a
few days longer than that. I think that you may also find that, besides
irritation, keeping a set in too long may cause less efficient absorption
of insulin towards the end of its useful life. But as always, YMMV.


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