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Re: [IP] Hi Rod!

    I'm sorry to hear about cancelled trip and your brother-in-law injures.
Also it looks as the problems you are having can because of the
gastroparesis. The fact of being nauseated for breakfast, change in carb
count rates is something I had had problems with for years. I just checked
my rates today I'm using 16 rates and for carb counting it is how I ''feel''
any where from 5 to 1  - 20 to 1. Now do I know how I "feel" what do I use
as a guide===stress, the gut, what I eat, what I'm doing, a lot of things
that are hard to put in to words but I do think about. All I can tell you is
to aim high, check BG all the time, and know that you are going to have bad
days so make a plan what to do.
    Lori, I set my pump at a lower rate than I need overnight so I do not
have Low BS in the AM ,I have move my target up 125-175ml, if I get up and
its at 210 so what if I'm a wake, I can fix it with the pump{1.1 bolus} most
of the time it take 0.6unit to move me down 50ml (remember most time this to
can change from time to time). Long ago then I started on a pump carb
counting was not so big as it is today. It works very well for most people I
do use it but it is not all "feel" come into play most of the time. Remember
with the way gastroparsis works on the gut "Good" is ok try for ''Great" but
take your time. Kept working with the Doctors, try all the drugs, plan for
the bad days, eat small meals .
I eat about every two hours (it maybe three OREO=1.7unit=160cal todays
rate )  The one thing I found that helps is writing down how I feel what
worked today, what did not.
    Thank you to everyone for your notes, prayers, and calls. I look out the
window today and remember that I'm alive for one more day . Thank you, Lord
for one more day , friends for caring, for my pump for it give me away to do
something. One note I'm sorry Sara that I missed you that Saturday in the
hospital***remembers Sara Connor*** loved that movie ;-{ )
Remember to.........................  SMILE & BE HAPPY
email @ redacted

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