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Re: [IP] offers/questions


My first question is do you have the dawn phenomenon? Some people need more
insulin in the dawn hours. Megan is only 6 but she has 4 basal rates. They
only go up and down by .1 unit but it makes a huge difference! The best wasy
to set you basals is to do a fasting test. Megan blood sugar goes up as soon
as she goes to sleep whether she has food or not. So her basal goes up from .3
to .4 from 10 pm until midnight then drifts down from .2 to .1 through 5 am
then back up to .3. she stays at .3 for the rest of the day!

You might have gone low in the middle of the night. Have you considered this
reason? We tested Megan every 2-3 hours at different hours for many nights
before we got her basals right. It took about a month to 5 weeks to get it all
sorted out and of course it is always subject to change!!

Hope this helps!!

Judy C.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/