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[IP] s/c/t not sticking

Try using a wipe called No Sting Barrier Film.  It's from 3M
and I get mine through Edgepark (a phone-in supply house). 
I find that it provides the most stickyness.  Conversely,
when I go to peal it off, it is not a problem.  I have
IV3000 on my skin and shoot my Tenders through it.  I catch
a corner of the IV300 with a fingernail and the whole thing
peals right off.  I also use MicroPore surgical tape around
the edges when I'm going to be swimming.
Good luck,

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 21:04:04 -0400
From: Kasey Sikes <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] s/c/t not sticking

I'd like some suggestions about making the s/c/t's stick
better.  Since
Kayla started school they tend to become loose; I guess from
outside a lot and it being so hot.  We alternate between the
sils and
the comforts and have had a problem with both.  I changed
her set right
after school today and after her bath tonight it was losing
"sticky".  I cut a hole in a tegaderm patch and covered the
set with it,
so I know it will stay in place.  Is there a better way to
keep it in
place (because it's a @#$^% to get the tegaderm off when
it's time to
change the set)?

Thanks.  ~~Kasey  <<
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