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Re: [IP]Heres a Question....

At 11:00 PM 09/02/1998  ME wrote:
>Please anyone using the Sils from MiniMed..  How do u loosen the tape
>when your ready to take it off??  Is there a better way to take it
>off??  Learn me.. :)

Dear Me: 

I use the Silhouettes on top of the IV3000. As well as protecting the site,
this seems to have a side-benefit of helping take it off too. Peeling the
larger IV3000 is relatively easy and it takes the Silhouette with it.

P.S. I assume that you have a name. <vbg> We are all pretty friendly
(honest!!) and we are on a first-name basis. Virtually no-one uses a
"handle" here. So let us know who you really are. We won't bite.  :-)

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