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Re: [IP] Exercise & Increased BG levels

Thanks to those of you that have responded to my question.  I don't think I
had a rebound from the lows.  I wasn't really incredible low the day before.
It was strange.  I changed my set (I don't have scar tissue yet) and it ended
up being a very, hot day.  I don't know if the combination of the two things
caused me to run lower that day.  I just seemed to stay in the 60's and had to
eat a bit more.  I did not have a reaction in the middle of the night (I did a
3 a.m. check) and maybe the increased eating caught up with me a bit and that
is the reason for the 124 in the morning.  About the hormonal issue's us women
share.....I really am not affected by that either.  I don't notice any changes
in my blood sugar during that time of the month.  

Anyway, who knows?  Just one of those things I guess.  I'm just thankful that
my blood sugars are so stable and predictable and it was knocked down with 1
unit of insulin and then I took my breakfast bolus and ate as usual and I have
been fine since.


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