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Re: [IP] Bright blue ... on a background of flourescent pink!!!

On  3 Sep 98 at 13:56, email @ redacted wrote:

>      Randall, Tonya and/or Becky Draper as well as anyone else who pretends 
>      to still see colour:
>      On Wed, 02 Sep 1998 Becky Draper <email @ redacted> wrote about 
>      the new 'Bright blue with the Diabetes tag on a background of 
>      flourescent pink!!!!' medic alert.
>      1] I thought we all lost color vision over time.  Am I the only one??

I don't know how age affects color vision, nor if diabetes affects 
color perception...

>      2] Does the color scheme make it more visible to EMTs??  If its too
>         'special' will they not pay attention to it??

I picked mine out because it looks out of place - but that was before 
some of the "fashion" changes with all the multi-colored slogans on 
wrist bands.  

>      3] Does anyone know if there is an organization that makes LARGE 
>         t-shirt or even polo-shirt medic alert signs that one can wear 
>         after a few times of having no one in EMT NOTICE either the pump
>         or the bracelet or the necklace (all three were not seen until
>         after someone where I worked TOLD THEM my condition)  (Other time
>         was in a car when officer called hospital when they found blood 
>         glucose testing equiptment in the car and needed to know if I 
>         needed it).

I don't think there's any item of clothing, jewelry, money  or even a
tattoo that could raise the intelligence level or increase the 
attentiveness of some who pretend to be medical professionals...

>      4] What's the difference between bright blue and pink??

orange and yellow
 (from the spectrum - red,orange,yellow,blue, green, indigo, violet)

>      Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi
>      p.s.  Anyone have experience wearing a red contact to permit 
>      perception of colour??  I used to have a red lense which I used during 
>      organic and in-organic qualitative, but since I've finished needing to 
>      identify pink flames from the tweezers within the bunson burners (oh 
>      the good old days) I haven't seen them.

How well did it work?  
Randall P. Winchester
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