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Re: [IP] Exercise & Increased BG levels

Cindy,  OK, my experience with increased BG after exercise went like this.
When I first went on the pump, I was taking Velosulin and I would take my pump
off to swim.  I swam about 5 days/week for about an hour beginning at 6 or 7
am.  I ate something before I swam and I noticed my BG went high after the
swim.  This was explained to me by someone (I forget who) that I did not have
enough insulin in my body for the glucose to bind to.  I then would take a
couple of units before I took my pump off and my BG would fall as usual.  When
I started taking Humalog, I wore the pump while I swam and never remember
having this problem.  Now, when my BG goes up after exercise, I assume it was
on its way up, WAY UP, and I have kept it from going as far as it would have
gone had I not exercised.  I am never surprised by my BGs because my body is
so unpredictable that I have the mindset to just "go with the flow".  I
believe you are on Humalog and don't disconnect so I would not be concerned
unless it becomes a constant thing.  BTW, I am very jealous that you are able
to be so consistent.  ellen
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