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Re: [IP] Mixing of H and V: summary report

email @ redacted wrote:

> Ruth, thanks for your comments.  I've always suspected that you are more
> "different" than me (even thought I only know you by your posts on this
> list ).   Inded, I doubt whether there is anyone else out there that can
> take a site for 13 days, with V or anything else.  So you clearly have a
> body that can tolerate catheters for an "abnormal" (but nice) length of
> time.

Which, by the way is not not not a good idea and can have some awful results!
I tolerated this most when I was 18-21 so that may have had something to do
with it.  Don't know if it works anymore cause I really haven't tried.  Haven't
been that desparate for $$ and medical insurance in a while! :-)

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